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I bought these at Target, label holes with numbers/letters do pom pom drop and they say the term, and record on paper!

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Today’s Number is..?

Math Routine to begin class.

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Math Games With Dice

Kids will love these math games with dice! Using dice for math can make a boring worksheet come alive.

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Math Mania Games! FREE Games to Help Build Math Skills

Addition connect four


my favorite addition math stations. This one is called "in and out". The students simply drop a handful of cubes onto the in and out board. They record the number in the circle for the first addend and the cubes outside of the circle as the 2nd addend. Then solve the number sentence. The kids really like it!

Arrays-Choose 2 colors. Roll dice. The student outlines and fills in an array that matches what they rolled. For example, if the student rolled a 4 and 3, that student would fill in a 4x3 rectangle on the grid. Then writes the total number of squares inside the rectangle. Game over when player cannot fit their array on the game board. Which color has more?


Design a Native American Vest

Spiral, a multiplication card game

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Early Math Activities

Math center ideas