Y'all From The City? #country #dog #funny #lol #laugh

This made me laugh:)

so funny

I laughed too much!

Some dogs are easily entertained More amazing and funny stuff at http://funiest-stuff.com/funny-dog-pictures/

hahahaaha I can see my Harvey saying that to my kid!: Funny Animals, Giggle, Funny Dogs, Funny Pictures, Funny Stuff, Funnies

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That's not funny...


Just like my dog haha

I just died laughing.

I make that face too

Oh em gee

Cute Daschund Puppy


i want a great dane like this to pair up with my little black chihuahua. how freaking cute!: Great Danes, Animals, Dogs, Pet, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Funny Animal

Hahahaha !!!

GeoCrafts Ring Doorbell - 30" x 18". Ring Doorbell and Run! Dog needs exercise. Hahahaha

Overachieving dog. :)