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from Vanillawood

Bric Sofa

Soft and sleek this Italian sofa is not only stunning to see but cozy to cuddle up on. Custom color, fabric and size options available just call the studio to inquire!

from Vanillawood

Mischa Hurricane

These beautiful pillar holders are made from natural wood and sand infused glass.

from Vanillawood

Feather Headdress

Made from feathers tightly sewn onto a rafia base. The finished product folds neatly into a cylindrical shape. Provides a fun pop of color and brings a layer of texture to any space.

from Vanillawood

Neon Cube

Clear acrylic cube sits inside of a 3 sided neon base that creates the color of the entire cube. You can also insert pictures giving them another look.

from Vanillawood

Echo Vessel

Assymetrical vessels made of hand blown Czech glass with a beautiful metallic reflecting surface. Their eye catching colors and mirrored finish give them a distinctive and unique look.