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Offshore wind farms create 'reef effect' perfect for wildlife

Offshore wind farms create 'reef effect' perfect for marine wildlife - especially seals - “Things like barnacles and mussels will settle on hard structures and then that in turn will attract other marine species and it builds up over time.”

The 20 Cutest Little Creatures On The Planet. Be Sure Your Heart Can Handle This!

"Yea, a little to the left...right there--that's the spot ...awww!"The cutest?... for the moment...!!!. ♔Life, likes and style of Creole-Belle ♥

I live near mountains. Whenever I look out at a distance at the snow-capped peaks, I think of the mountain goats living there.

Movers and Shakers! - 11th October 2014

10th May, 2015: ~ I just wanted to wish all The Mom's Worldwide: A VERY SPECIAL MOTHER's DAY! ~ "You are better by far than all the rest; these four words say it all: Mom, you're the best!" Best Wishes, Lynn. (Chateau.)