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    SERVICE R J H HUNT ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE ROYAL AIR FORCE 1915-1918 (HU 86903) Armstrong Whitworth FK.10 Quadruplane (serial number not displayed, but probably N514), powered by a 130-hp Clerget engine, on the ground while under test at Manston.

    BRITISH AIRCRAFT FIRST WORLD WAR (Q 67951) Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 two seat corps reconnaissance biplane, fitted with a Davis gun.

    WW1 Scarce #photograph showing a French SPAD VII fighter plane in service with an unidentified German Jasta

    Gotha GIV heavy bomber - designed for long range operations, it entered service in August 1917 and gave both London and Paris their first significant taste of aerial bombardment, to considerable civil consternation. They generally operated by night.

    Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker: American fighter ace in World War I and Medal of Honor recipient.

    William George "Billy" Barker VC, DSO & Bar, MC & Two Bars (3 November 1894 – 12 March 1930) with his Sopwith Camel, his favorite aircraft.

    Belgian "Death's Head" Nacelle Farman 40. The Farman F.40 was a French pusher biplane reconnaissance aircraft. Death/skull nose art.

    German Albatros C.III - in flight 1915

    Halberstadt CL-II

    historywars: MACHINE GUNNER IN PLANE

    No.2 Squadron De Havilland DH-5: never popular as a fighter, because it lost height quickly in combat, and whilst forward visibility was excellent, 'over the shoulder' (which fighter pilots tend to be sensitive about) was dreadful. It was quickly relegated to ground attack, in which role it performed adequately.

    2 Vickers F.B. 19 Mk.II, of Number 47 Squadron RFC. At Florina

    B.E.12a at Florina. The airmen pictured are: L-R, Du Ross, Maxwell, Longinotto, Goulding and David. Goulding

    Adkins & Shuter beside their trusty BE 2d,number 4522, at Lahana in 1916-1917.

    A French marked SPAD S.VII, taken at RFC aerodrome at Lahana

    A French marked SPAD S.VII, taken at RFC aerodrome at Lahana

    Nieuport 11 (Bébé) A French machine and almost certainly at the base airfield at Kalamaria aircraft park Mikra Bay Taken early 1917

    Pfalz DR1 1918

    Last of Britain’s biplanes Handley Page Heyford unusually had fuselage & upper wing directly attached to one another while lower wing’s thickened midsection’s bomb bay capable of a 2500lb/1134kg load.Open crew compartments & fabric covered wings & aft fuselage belie modern metal monocoque forward fuselage & metal wing.Defensive armament not overly intimidating with 3 .303 Lewis machine gun positions but best defensive strategy was in flying missions at night at up to 142mph/229 km/h.

    World War One German Aviator Walter Göttsch of Jasta 8

    DFW CV (Av) aircraft of Flieger Abteilung 30 flying over mountains in Macedonia.

    Crashed German plane.WW1

    Eduard Ritter von Schleich by klimbims on Flickr.

    Strategic Bombers 1916 Style! Gotha G-IV based in Belgium ready to bomb London.

    WWI German Gotha bomber - Front gunner position.