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The first book in The Father Trilogy: In Sight of the Sun. The old man takes the boy on his first raid into Mexico. The success of the raid depends on the boy’s righteousness. Through his grandfather's narratives, the boy makes sense of the world. At the center of his thoughts is the story of how Sun betrayed the people. The boy struggles to understand the meaning of that story as everything he has ever known is destroyed.

Richard L. Cornwell, a Nashville preacher, is stunned when he hears a deathbed confession from one of his parishioners. The man tells Cornwell an amazing story that reveals the location of the lost gold of the Confederate State of America.

“...The world has changed forever; we have opened the door to something which we don’t understand, and that door cannot be closed. I only hope we can change with the world.”

Ernest Thompson Seton's book, "Monarch, the Big Bear of Tallac." Published in 1919, it tells the story of a tiny Grizzly cub who grew to be the Monarch of the Plains -- and the Prisoner of humanity's arrogance.

In a small town far out West, 11 year old Pollyanna loses her mother then her dad to disease. This book describes how the orphan is sent to be raised by her aunt who lives far away in the East of the country.

"Heretics," a series of essays by Gilbert Keith Chesterton. First published in 1905. Chesterton had a sense of humor, had a sense of drama, and had sense. He was a man of strong opinions, and quite willing to argue vehemently for his own opinions, even with his friends -- and they remained his friends -- like George Bernard Shaw and Rudyard Kipling. Seems to me that is hard to find anymore.

"Sellout" was written by Brad Lockwood in 1997 and released as a paperback novella in 2000. Selling remarkably well, Lockwood hit the recording studio to make the audio book of his dreams - featuring 14 performers, an original soundtrack and sound effects, "Sellout" was released as a 2 CD set in late 2000; nominated for multiple Audie Awards and gaining a cult following, only now has "Sellout" been released in digital/podiobook form.

'Wild Animals I Have Known' Ernest Thompson Seton was an influential naturalist, and a sometime professional hunter and trapper. Much of this book speaks to the contradictions between these roles.

A fat boy with the blues. A skinny girl who runs marathons. And a con man on the lam.

Three weeks ago, the U.S. president was murdered by a four-year-old boy. Today, seven men stare at each other in a locked conference room.