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Nancy Wambach
Nancy Wambach • 32 weeks ago

The Sphinx nose was hacked off by Islamic Arabic invaders who believed that images of things were sinful. Facing east towards the rising sun shifting sands covered it for centuries. It was dug out in 1925. Restored many times by multiple dynasties and rulers. And also by the Ptolemies and Romans. Not known who the Sphinx depicts though definitely a pharaoh. Built before the reign of Khufu, one of the greatest mysteries is extensive water damage despite being on the edge of the Saharan Desert.

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The Sphinx, circa 1850, Giza, Egypt

Funerary Boat being Rowed Period: Middle Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 12 Reign: reign of Amenemhat I, early Date: ca. 1981–1975 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Southern Asasif, Tomb of Meketre (TT 280, MMA 1101), MMA 1920 Medium: Wood, paint, plaster, linen twine and cloth

Egypt: Sakkara; Chapel, Tomb of Nefer-Seshem-Ptah. Sakkara. 6th Dynasty.

Osiris offered by the Astronomer of the House of Amun, Ibeb Period: Third Intermediate Period Dynasty: Dynasty 21–24 Date: ca. 1070–712 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Middle Egypt, el-Hiba (Ankyronpolis), Nile east bank, above Benisuef Medium: Leaded bronze; precious-metal leaf; inlays of other materials; wood base with ink or black paint inscription

This painter's palette was carved from a single piece of ivory and tinted with red and black stain. Six oval wells contain cakes of pigments including blue, green, brown(?), yellow, red, and black. The oval cartouche at one end encircles the throne name of Amenhotep III, Nebmaatre, and the epithet "beloved of Re."

Ceiling at Dendera Temple, Egypt

Tutankhamun’s throne

Scarab inscribed 'Hatshepsut, United with Amun', New Kingdom period, Dynasty 18, joint reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III (ca. 1473-1458 BC), Egypt

Solar Boat This cedar boat is one of two found by the Great Pyramid at Giza, intact but dismantled. It took 12 years to reconstruct it. There is another one still in its original pit, and there were three additional pits on the other side that were empty. The king needed 2 to travel with the sun across the sky, 2 to travel through the night, and one to cross to the underworld

Hathor temple, Abu Simbel, Egypt