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I need this reminder often!

God is always there ...

1 Samuel 16:7

~...Her God Goes With Her, And That's What Sustains Her~

What does God want me to learn...

Sometime God redeems your story by surrounding you with people who need to hear your past, so it doesn't become their future.

#life #quotes more on - When God blesses you financially.....

So true! When I try and explain it I wish so bad people could take a peek into my mind and see it and feel it! once you have encountered the love of God, you will NEVER be the same again!

I'm a Pencil in the Hand of God Print Repin & Like. Thanks . Listen to Noel songs. Noelito Flow.

God First, Bro


God is more important.


God's promises ...

Knowing Jesus

God is first.

faith in God!

love God.

Dear God ... i love you