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Explore It'S Quiet, Couldn T Find, and more!

If you're looking for a different study location, the Telus Center is for you! We don't see many people here, so it's quiet, but we also couldn't find many outlets. (So charge up your battery before heading here!) (photo by @divinitywarner)

Maria introduced us to the Athabasca quiet room: a place great for studying, and apparently it's a secret, so shhh! (Photo by @_maria_j_)

Wow! @ gc_ology certainly has a knack for finding the spots with the best lighting. Check out the Kaye Clinic for a quiet and well lit study space. Best of all, it's connected to ECHA via pedway! (photo by @ gc_ology)

CCIS has many floors that offer tables and views that are perfect for studying. The higher up you go, the more quiet it is. (photo by @ ualbertstudents)

Even a cozier and quieter place to study at night! (photo: @allistronomy)

CAB offers tons of seating if you are looking for a place for a quick study sesh (photo: @iqremix)

When it's not snowing outside, the tables near the old power plant offer pretty views to help you study ;) (photo: @zeeennaaah)