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Could this be one of the reasons we're getting increased solar energy beamed to us in 2012 and we're told that our spiritual gifts will awaken with ascension? I've always worshipped the sun and sum...

"I open to the fullness of my power. I live my life with integrity. I have the power to manifest my dreams. Whatever I do is more than enough. I am enough just as I am! In challenging situations I am relaxed and focused on positive outcomes. I am at peace with myself. I harness my personal power. I can. I will. I do."

13 choses que les personnes mentalement fortes ne font pas

When you realize there is no lacking the whole world belongs to you "Meditation of the Day | Exploration of Meaning |"

Our Relationship with Source Consciousness: The Spiritual Basics

Your life is your greatest teacher. You are blessed to have the perfect circumstances in which to embrace your humanity. ❥ -Panache Desai