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Your work is a gift. 16"x20" (Screen print on painting) $SOLD #jamesvictore

Freedom is something you take. 24"x20" (Screen print on painting) $SOLD #jamesvictore

Give 'em hell. 14"x12" (Screen print on painting) $SOLD #jamesvictore

There ain't no rules. 28"x24" (Screen print on painting) SOLD #jamesvictore

Kill the critic. 35"x29" (Screen print on painting) $SOLD #jamesvictore

You become who you pretend to be. 55"x31" (Screen print on painting) $SOLD #jamesvictore

Warrior not worrier. 27"x14.5" (Screen print on print) $SOLD #jamesvictore

Always ask for more. 18"x14" (Screen print on painting) $800 #jamesvictore

Stop looking for permission. 23.5"x19.5" (Screen print on painting) $Sold #jamesvictore

Teach your tongue to say "I don't know." 19"x25" (Screen print on painting) $800 #jamesvictore

Anu Tuominen - Caryatid, 2001

carl andre typewriter drawing

James Victore

a quiet life

Hard Work

There are No Accidents in The Universe - Peter Tunney

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Sometimes we get lost. We choose the path of least resistance and do what is easy as opposed to what is right. Sometimes we choose the wrong guides, or listen to the wrong people. And sometimes we seek the rewards before we do the work. But success is not a goal, it's a by-product. Focus on the work, seek good advice, and get the help you need to get back on track. "I can see Uranus from here!"


guillaume apollinaire - horse calligram