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It pisses me off when people post awesome pics like this with absolutely no context. Now doesn't it drive you crazy to NOT KNOW why this frickin locomotive is steaming down the track on fire??? It sure drives ME crazy.

New York Central's M-497 Jet Powered Train

The New York Central M-497 Black Beetle was an experimental jet-powered locomotive developed and tested in 1966. Two GE J47-19 jet engines were mounted on an existing Budd Rail Diesel Car with a streamlined front cowling. Test runs were held over the existing tracks between Butler Indiana and Stryker Ohio. The car reached a speed of 183.68 mph, still the light-rail speed record for the United States. The project was not considered viable. After jet removal the car returned to normal…

The Union Pacific Railroad "City of Denver". #CD-05 was one of four identical 2400 hp diesel-electric streamliner trains with 2-car power sets that were delivered in May through July 1936 by the Pullman Standard Co. Engines and internal locomotive equipment were produced by General Motors Electro-Motive Division.

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), formerly also known as CP Rail , is a historic Canadian Class I rail carrier founded in 1881 and now operated by Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (TSX: CP, NYSE: CP), which began operations as legal owner in a corporate restructuring in 2001. across Canada and into the United States.

(GT46PAC). A passenger-hauling diesel-electric locomotive with AC electric transmission designed by GM-EMD and built by both GM-EMD and under license by Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) of India for Indian Railways. Built 2001 (EMD). built 2003-present (DLW).

For many years the life blood of our nation. The railroad system of our country brought us the expansion to become the worlds premiere society.