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Ominous Supernatural Horror Movies - Netflix DVD

When Katie and Micah fear their home may be haunted by a demonic presence, Micah sets up a video camera to document all the hair-raising action. The paranormal occurrences increase in frequency, leaving Katie determined to put an end to the terror.

3 things you should know about me... i really like scary movies, except for the boring ones.

Noche del demonio - Insidious - one super scary movie. I prefer horror movies like this one that doesn't resort to all kinds of gore. It just relies on good storytelling.

Der Exorzist ( 1973 ) 8 von 10

Stream The Exorcist 1973 online. Find out where The Exorcist is available to stream. When a preteen girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her daughter.

"Case 39" - A social worker (Renee Zellweger) fights to save a girl from her abusive parents, only to discover that the situation is more dangerous than she ever expected. Info and image credit: IMDb.

Case 39 (2009)

The Best Horror Movies List ~ Best Horror Movies of All Time Good list, Case 39 is excellent btw.

Hellraiser - 80's Horror Movies

Hellraiser - This movie was creepy and had some really scary parts. Wes Craven wrote this as a novella and then directed the first one. How can you not love Pinhead saying, "We'll tear your soul apart.

Hide and Seek (2005) As a widower tries to piece together his life in the wake of his wife's suicide, his daughter finds solace -- at first -- in her imaginary friend. Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning, Famke Janssen...12a

Hide and Seek (2005)

Hide & Seek (Widescreen) on DVD from Century Fox. Staring Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning, Dylan Baker and Amy Irving. More Thrillers and Movies DVDs available @ DVD Empire.