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Homoeogryllus xanthographus (ex."indicus") - - Haltung und Zucht von Heuschrecken, Blattschrecken und Grillen

What can a Thai water bug teach us about our muscles, especially the heart? A lot, says Professor of Biological Science Kenneth Taylor. New research by Taylor published today in Science Advances gives scientists better insight into how the heart muscle works and how sometimes it fails.

A Bugs Life in Thailand - Giant Water Bug Lethocerus indicus: known in Thailand as ‘malaeng da na’ or ‘meng da’; Thai: แมงดา. Sometimes mistakenly thought by westerners as a cockroach. The giant water bug is native to Southeast Asia and can grow to a length of 5 inches. It is a popular edible insect and is consumed across Thailand

Giant Water Bugs (Lethocerus indicus) are fried, and incorporated into soups and sauces all over Southeast Asia. Read more: