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Hahaha, this is me. I really need to stop jumping to the worst conclusions all the time. Until then, I'll just call it a superpower and put on a cape.

Yes, I'm a stay at home mom.  Ask me what I do all day long.  I dare you.

Yes, I'm a stay at home mom. Ask me what I do all day long. I dare you. I love my job :)

I mean Lolo loves you, Chris, but nothing beats unlimited Olive Garden breadsticks without gaining a pound or going into cardiac arrest.

So true . every guy thinks every girl's dream is to find the perfect guy . pshh, every girl's dream is to eat without getting fat.

Escape with Dark Chocolate: Printable Wrap! - Our Best Bites

Escape with Dark Chocolate: Printable Wrap

Here's to every mother who has ever eaten a candy bar in a closet, because frankly, you just didn't want to share. Or a peanut buster parfait after they went to bed.

So freakin true! Here it is @Julie Pulliam

OMG this made me laugh. I'll start a wedding board soon. JUST to put up things for my imaginary wedding lol

First Time Mom & Dad: The Best of Some (ee) Parenting Cards (Wordless Wednesday FTM Style)

This is sooooo ME! My oldest didn't come home from school and say "what are we having for dinner?" -- he'd say "are we HAVING dinner?" WHO feels guilty!

REMEMBER...I HAVE been married before! And YES...this is so so true! =)

That is if he will take the trash out at all! My husband does a ton of other things, but trash isn't one of them! I have learned to pick my battles!

Googling symptoms is ridic im such a hypochondriac ha

Googling your symptoms…

lol :) i wonder how many dirty looks i'd get for this one???

These dumb asses put my cape on backwards Bib McNamara * I am getting this for your future child :)

Monday Dare: This one may kill me. Nice knowing you. http://www.flourishinprogress.com/2011/11/monday-dare-this-one-may-kill-me-nice.html

This made me laugh out loud. SO the truth.the language is HORRIBLE, but oh so funny!