From @Martha Stewart: "Once flowers fade and bulbs and tubers are dug up for winter storage, they pretty much all look alike. To ensure that you'll replant them in the right location next spring, write the variety or color of the plant directly on each bulb with a permanent marker. Then store the bulbs in peat moss or newspaper in a cool, dark place."

Do this in the fall. Spring bulbs in Pots: store the potted bulbs in an unheated garage or storage room. Youll need to water every few weeks since the pots wont have access to rainfall. In addition to small pots, pack bulbs shoulder-to-shoulder in big containers for an abundant display in spring. Toss aside the spacing recommendations so you can get as many bulbs into the container as possible. This is a great idea.

Learn how to store bulbs, such as dahlias, tuberoses, cannas, and elephant ears, that are too tender to survive outside in cold winters.

Grab a container and plant layers of bulbs that will give you three bursts of color when spring arrives. Choose bulb varieties that flower a few weeks apart, such as crocus, tulips, and daffodils, which will bloom in rotation for up to six weeks. To fill a container that's 12 inches in diameter and 12 to 14 inches deep, you'll want about 9 crocus, 7 tulip, and 5 daffodil bulbs.


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Plant garlic in the fall. Just buy a garlic or two at the store, and separate the cloves. Plant individual cloves and they will be one of the first plants to pop up in the spring.

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Planting Crocus bulbs in lawn ~ my step-grandma did this with one in the center, with a circle of bulbs around it- she planted all white. Perhaps I'm easily impressed, but I thought it was so pretty. The lawn is ready to be cut by the time the crocus is done blooming. Clever.

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