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    Nurse porn: I'd tap that

    nursing humor - @Jozieandtoby Sharpe Moore Leslie Lippi Lippi Lippi Crye Charla Malmberg Malmberg Malmberg Russell jessika torres torres torres Lilly HaHaHa!!!!!

    Nursing humor

    Educated drug dealer. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Registered nurses. RN.

    You know that making it through nursing school was equivalent to traveling around the nine circles of hell. | 24 Truths Every Nurse Knows All Too Well


    Thankful for awesome nursing friends! Nurse humor. Nursing humor. Nursing school.

    Nursing Humor

    This may be my favorite nursing "hey girl" out there

    Nursing Humor

    Not sure if I'm in the urethra or the vagina. Nursing student problems. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Registered Nurses. RN. Fry meme.

    Nurse humor

    The look I give when my patient asks for water non-stop and they're on a fluid restriction. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Nursing humor. Nurse problems. Registered Nurse. RN. Monkey meme. Ugh.

    nursing ♥

    If you can read this, you might be a nurse!

    Tell me you didn't sing this as you read it!! Funny nursing memes:

    Nursing humor

    These are too funny. Nurse humor. Nursing humor. Nursing meme. Nurse problems. Kevin hart face. Kevin hart meme.