Tip of the Day: Save time on laundry day by presorting clothes in the laundry room. Keep multiple hampers in the laundry room for lights, darks, whites, delicates, etc. When the hamper gets full, just tip it straight into the washing machine -no sorting!

Laundry hamper...genius!

I love this idea. Easy way to presort laundry. Just goes right to the washing machine.

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This could work several ways. Sorting before washing... whites, colors, towels, etc. or after washed... socks, undergarments,mom's, dad's, brother, sister's. Ready to take and put away!

Hide the Hamper Beneath the vanity countertop, a pullout hamper provides a spot for stashing dirty clothes. The canvas liner is removable for easy transport on laundry day.

Save floor space and sort laundry on the wall. Perfect for a very small laundry room.

white laundry room with white washer...

Tip of the Day: A tilt-out hamper keeps clothes off the floor and saves space by eliminating a stand-alone hamper. Plus, it keeps dirty clothes out-of-sight!


laundry room!

Laundry Room Sorting Station

"How I get everyone to sort the laundry... in our very small laundry room"

#HowTo Keep Your Washing Machine from Flooding the Laundry Room. Install an automatic washing machine shutoff valve to prevent floods.

Make Time for Organization

laundry room

Laundry room

Amazing White and navy blue laundry room makeover. @The 36th Avenue .com #laundry_room #DIY

Laundry room....

Love this laundry room! #laundry #room