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oh snap. Ashley Stark i am making this for your house! :)

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QOTD: where are you going for spring break?

I'm trying to be more positive about things.

Pizza queen of only 18, she got some red sauce on her shirt. :)

Start Being Rad Limited Edition Art Screenprint (Gocco) . $10.00, via Etsy.

Idk why, but i can picture us saying this to a boy hahahaaha xD

What I don't understand is my unnatural magnetic pull to popularly annoying people. I was just sitting in Spanish, tryna write my story. All of a sudden, like 10 annoying people run to the side I'm sitting on and start talking like crazy. And then, some more run over, even though there weren't any seats left and started sitting on people. I did find out some of their secrets, but still. I know I'm a cool person, guys, but why sit next to ME, when there's an ENTIRE SIDE that's EMPTY?