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5 tips to make flying with budget airlines less stressful

"Eat up son, I'm a stewardess from the future and pretty soon you won't get jack to eat when you fly. Oh, and all of us stewardesses are now called flight attendants and we're fat, mean and old - so enjoy all of this while you can!"

Old misogynist/ablist ad, suggesting anxiety disorders & such can be treated with what essentially sounds like a description of Mountain Dew. ec4f0569372d62eba78b767b82f0c88e

Print shows a well dressed young woman, wearing hat, white gloves, and pearls, holding up a glass of Coca-Cola, seated at a table on which is a vase of roses, the "Drink Coca-Cola" sign, and a paper giving the location of the "Home Office [of the] Coca-Cola Co." as well as branch locations.

You can learn a lot by looking back at old advertising. It’s interesting to see what used to work, what still works today, and what would never work anymore due to cultural changes. Chemcraft Atomic Atomic energy has never been … safer? Phil A. O’Fish – 1976 McDonald’s Phil A. O’Fish is such a …