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Czechoslovakia. Blue Underwing Moth. Catocala is a generally Holarctic genus of owlet moths (family Noctuidae or superfamily Noctuoidea) commonly known as underwing moths or simply underwings. The genus name Catocala roughly means "beautiful hindwings". It is a combination of two Ancient Greek words, kato (κάτω, "the rear one" or "the lower one"), and kalos (καλός, "beautiful")

stamp Thailand 3 baht "Siamese Rooster" stamp cock Hühner Hahn chicken poule gallina Thailand timbre Thaïlande tailândia selo Tailandia sello marka 3 baht blue francobolli bollo Thailandia Thailand Briefmarke Tàiguó yóupiào почто́вая ма́рка Таила́нд | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

old stamp GB UK 5D (pence) predecimal wilding 5p 5d blue regional stamp dragon of wales queen QEII elisabeth royal pence penny elizabeth england uk great britain united kingdom postage revenue stamp 5d porto timbre bollo sello marke briefmarke stamp by stampolina, via Flickr