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    Dia do músico

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    Dia do músico

    dia do músico

    Feliz Dia do Músico! 22 de novembro


    Feliz dia do livro!

    oração do músico

    Homenagem ao dia do Músico, 22 de novembro.

    Anatomía de un músico

    Músico bajo la lluvia. Robert Doisneau

    STRAY BOOKS (Aug 12, 2012). INCIDENTAL COMICS weekly comic strip. Art & Text © Grant Snider (Cartoonist. USA). 11x17" print $18.00

    ♫♪ Music ♪♫ Play me a song Mr Piano-(little)-man

    Library, Invalides, Paris

    This is brilliant. Books make you THINK So for this nerdy after school club I'm in, you have to give a 2 minute oral speech about a topic you feel strongly about. My speech is about why books are better than movies. BAM.

    Music makes the world go round. + Illustration

    Basically, libraries win.

    Might take some carpentry skills, but totally worth it. As seen at John W. Doull Books in Dartsmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.


    Patrones de Siluetas, Abecedarios, Cuadernos Antiguos de Costura...

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