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WWI Game - looks like a fun review activity and a wonderful Freebie!

World War One: Simulation, Causes, Trench Warfare -

Walt Disney, 17 years old.

Walter Elias Disney, 17 years old

The Long Road to War: Feature-length documentary about the origins of WWI (with Extended Trailer)

The Long Road to War: Feature-length documentary about the origins of WWI (with Extended Trailer)

A trailer for an amazing children's picture book that commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the First World War. Wonderfully poetic and moving... #FWW #WWI

Where the poppies now grow book overview - beautiful for all ages.

Southdowns | Tab Caravan Fun T@B Art Follow the link to see all the different paint jobs. K

Image Gallery with Pictures of Tab Caravans painted in a variety of interesting art from Southdowns Motorcaravans

Cute tiny retro kitchen. This makes me think of Barbra Streisand's WWI-era kitchen in "The Way We Were," which was red, and just a little closet (and I'm probably the only person on the face of the earth to remember that.)

simple white cabinets and lots of color create "cottage" look. No need for fancy "cottage cabinets" HAPPY LOVES ROSIE: New Look Vintage Kitchen .

Gallipoli (1981)the doomed Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey. a very powerful anti-war statement and a superb film

Gallipoli (1981)

Gallipoli is a 1981 Australian film, directed by Peter Weir and starring Mel Gibson and Mark Lee, about several young men from rural Western Australia who enlist in the Australian Army during the First World War to fight against the Turkish army.

Thomas Edward "Lawrence of Arabia" Lawrence (1888 - 1935) - Find A Grave Photos

Thomas Edward "Lawrence of Arabia" Lawrence - - Find A Grave Photos

Moment - consequential - Consequential is something important; significant. This image is significant because its a picture of an African American from World War II. Its a part of history and serves as an evidence of the terrible chaos. This image contains balance and line as well.

WORLD WAR I: African American infantryman posing in front of the American flag. Isn't it sad that throughout the history of photography striking black American images say, "Unidentified African American"? Wasn't the country built by them too?

Leviathan trailer


The year is Europe is on the brink of war. But put your history books away. LEVIATHAN, by Scott Westerfeld, book trailer

World War One Ambulances | WWI Medical Front |

This photograph, taken from the Magazine, "The Autocar", of 1915 is of an ambulance trailer that was used to transport wounded soldiers from the railway station to hospitals in Birmingham, England. World War One Ambulances

WWI Flying Ace Hits the Skies in New Peanuts Movie Trailer

WWI Flying Ace Hits the Skies in New Peanuts Movie Trailer

How Snoopy Killed Peanuts

TESTAMENT OF YOUTH | Official Trailer, The Playlist (a WWI drama, based on Vera Brittain's autobiography)

Il trailer di Testament of Youth, con Kit Harington - Serial Monkey/Tv series

Vera Brittain: They'll want to forget you. They'll want me to forget. But I can't. I won't. This is my promise to you now. All of you.

Booktopia has Testament of Youth , An Autobiographical Study of the Years by Vera Brittain. Buy a discounted Paperback of Testament of Youth online from Australia's leading online bookstore.

O Snoopy é um Beagle. (Foto: Reprodução / Wikipedia)

5 curiosidades sobre Beagles - Portal do Dog

Snoopy as "the World War I flying ace," flying his Sopwith Camel.