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(3) Humans Caused 322 Animal Extinctions in Past 500 Years: Haldre Rogers and Josh Tewksbury, authors of another paper in the same issue, believe that, "animals do matter to people, but on balance, they matter less than food, jobs, energy, money, and development.'' [...] ''As long as we continue to view animals in ecosystems as irrelevant to these basic demands, animals will lose."

The icon of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, The Tree of Life, stands 14 stories, features more than 300 animal carvings and is 50 feet wide.

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Sleepy animals

Even out in the wild, members of the animal kingdom are entitled to nod off once in a while. They might not be able to hit the snooze button, but that doesn't mean they don't get sleepy, too. Dozy gets cozy! This little dormouse has no problem getting comfy.

Since rabbits are not so expensive anyway, financially it is more prudent to breed only from purebred animals of sound type.

DISPOSE VHS TAPES, Don't just put in trash bc toxic chemicals can poison animals or leach into water and food system or pose strangling or tangling hazards for animals.

Evolution Fucked Your Shit Up: The World’s 50 Freakiest Animals | - Official Website for James Gunn


24 Animals Who Are So Smooth, You Can't Help But Be Impressed

24 Animals Who Are So Smooth, You Can't Help But Be Impressed 32 -