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let og lækker karklud hæklet i skiftevis stangmasker, og krydsede stangmasker

These pillows have a clean, romantic aesthetic. The pattern is built on a simple principle; periodically, a triple crochet stitch is squished within a single crochet row. The end effect is stunning - these pillows look like they're beaded!

30+ Easy Crochet Projects with Free Patterns for Beginners

Replace your usual throw pillows in your living room with these interesting pillow patterns. It will add style and a warm personal touch to your home decor. These Cozy Crochet Pillows, courtesy of Simplicity, are worked with yarn held double. Round, squar

Heart of Friendship pattern by Helen Shrimpton

I wanted to design an afghan with a large central square and then also smaller ones to surround it, using elements of the central square for the smaller ones and for the border.