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I miss you a lot everyday but for some reason I missed you soooo much more today, I just had this little emptiness feeling today...and have been daydreaming about your hugs all day and how they make me feel :) you are so special and beautiful :) I 💜 U

♥•✿•♥•✿ڿڰۣ•♥•✿•♥ Excelente consejo para todos los recién casados ♥•✿•♥•✿ڿڰۣ•♥•✿•♥

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21 Unforgettable Advices on Love Relationships.

I never saw you coming. We don't have a relationship or anything, but somehow there's something between us. Weather or not we want to see or admit it we do. I am in love with you.

Maybe I'll see Jacob over the summer, and THIS is the summer. This could also be good writing inspiration. I want to dedicate my summer to writing a novel, since I'll have loads of time. This could be what I'll write about. I'll give it a shot.