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Skulls for PENNIES halloweendiy

Now this is pretty cute!

packing tape ghost. I like they way her head is tilted down, like she's in mourning.

crawling creature..... This is awesome and freaky.


Homemade Cotton Candy Costume

This is adorable. Mini Doctor, all 11!

Tic Tac Halloween Labels

Going to try this

Peter Pan's shadow costume

PVC Life Size Jack Skellington...step by step How-to next year!!! I would have to put him up on my roof though to look out over people as they drive by...

5 Halloween Decorations You Can Make with Yarn -- Only the first one is Disney-related ... but they're ALL great ideas!

How simple is this DIY Wire Ghost? Love it! #Halloweendecor www.ivillage.com/...

Great halloween decorating ideas! #halloween

Dried Apple Shrunken Heads for Halloween! Hang and dry them in the oven and start decorating after they've cooled.

Scary Outdoor Halloween Decor - iVillage


Glowing ghosts for halloween!

Bloody Handprint Clings What’s Halloween without bloody handprints all over your windows and mirrors? Make them yourself with Elmer’s glue and red food coloring! They cling to just about any smooth surface. I like this idea for the inside of a glass front door and surrounding windows. Creepy!

Dribble red candle wax over a white candle. bwahaha (did this last night - took about two seconds and looks great)

Make faux chains out of pipe insulation to use as Halloween decor. {ribbonsandglue.com}

Spider webs from trash bags. Halloween decor! #partymad #partyideasnz #halloween

Lego Family DIY Costume - too funny

halloween breakfast