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Almost sums up my life with the exception of being a brunette and dreaming of new york.

All true except I don't write fan fiction.. They scare me

"And That's Who I Am♥❤ So true

WAIT THERE ARE JUST GIRLY THING POSTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY RELATABLE AND NOT STUPID WHAAAAAAAAA i take back what i said (but the parodies are still funny sorry.....)

My life is so much more interesting inside my head. And the impossible adventures that others wish for, exists in my imaginative dreams and remains in my memories even when I'm awake.

Best friends <3

Best friends <3

Best friends <3

If someone makes you feel bad about yourself you should not be with them, it is NOT love!! Wait for someone who respects and values you and does everything he can to show you how much he loves you. Trust me, it's SO much better having a partner who puts in as much as you do :)

Can't love this enough. Forreall so true!!! Story of my life