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You know it!cats #concept candie interiors #cat stuff

why yes you can, kitten... This is how my cat weaseled her way into sleeping in our bed after only a week of my new husbands efforts to keep her off.

"Will you marry my daddy?"...OMG! How sweet...what woman would say no to a man who does this!!!

oh yes, this is what Nicholas does to me. hardly ever rubs my legs except when I'm wearing black leggings!! of course. lol

I don't always pin, but when I do I pin 5,000 things in one sitting! LOL - so true!

This is a cute image - Now for a really cute matching image... I know what turns men on would be her out the window working under the hood of the car! (or mowing the lawn?) LOL

Lol happen every time to me!!

... and for some reason, it's equally rude to tell the kid to behave as it is to tell the parents to handle their offspring.

This is how you look taking pictures with your #iPad . So in other words, #groovy . #LetsGetWordy