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In this infographic you'd find everything you need to know about headaches. Almost all of us have had a headache at some time with different causes. Besides medication options, you can find 8 easy remedies for headache in this infographic.

It works! It really does work! I had a migraine earlier today that was terrible but this fixed it!

Simple home remedy for a headache or migraine: submerge hands and feet in warm water and put an ice bag or bag of frozen something at the base of your skull. The heat on your extremities pulls the blood from your head relieving some of your headache.

Abdominal pain can occur in many forms, each different than the other. Also, not every abdominal pain is life-threatening, but it does indicate that something is wrong within the body. Depending on your type of pain and its location, there are a couple of conditions you might be suffering from: Gallstones Stomach ulcers Kidney stones […]

How to Find Out what's Making Your Stomach Hurt Using this 'Belly Map'

There are many different types of abdominal pain, with some a lot more serious than others. Depending on where you feel discomfort, it could be a sign of different health conditions:


There are tons of people out there that are always looking for quick little tricks to improve their health, and because of that I am posting

25 Quick And Simple Ways To Improve Your Health

We have rounded up some creative and useful life health hacks that you can start trying now. I love Life Hacks!

Detox Bath - Add 2 cups Epsom Salt to a very hot bath (as hot as you can stand it). Add 1 cup Baking Soda to unfiltered bathwater. Soak for 20 min. And shower in cool water. No perfumed lotions or soap after detoxing. No eating before or after detox bath....just drink lots of water before and after. --I have done this  it works! Years of toxins are released through hands  feet!

Detox Bath: Why and How

Detox Bath - Add 2 cups Epsom Salt to a very hot bath (as hot as you can stand it). Add 1 cup Baking Soda & Soak for 20 min. Shower in cool water. Drink lots of water before and after. Years of toxins are released through hands & feet!

Headache?? Learn what kind before treating.

If you suffer Migraines and headaches. you will love these homemade Migraine remedies and we’re featuring the best! If you or someone in the family suffers from Migraines be sure to check out thes…

Kyrie Hill Pin 1- This pin relates to the chapter because it discusses the different effects stress has on the body and ways to prevent the stress. The chapter dicusses how stress is an important health issue for early adulthood.

Stress is recognized as the proxy killer disease today. The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause of more than of all human illness and disease. Above are some insightful stress facts that many people are unaware of.

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Treatment for Dry Eyes #infographic

Dry eye symptoms " Dry conditions and irritants in the environment can lead you itchy and burning eyes that make you want to find relief as quickly as possible. Dry eye is not limited to just people with allergies.