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Paris - rue saint Denis - street art - madame moustache

Paris - rue saint Denis - street art - madame moustache

Did you know there is a giant LEGO bridge in Germany... This made me think of Paige @Amy McConnell

Street Artist Megx Creates Giant Lego Bridge in Germany. How lovely it would be if all bridges were painted like this. the travel would be so much better.

Street Art in Bordeaux, France| This really says something about society. Adults are so busy and lost in themselves, that they don't give a thought to helping someone in need. Children on the other hand still have there innocence to where they can see the good in people a will try to help. You shouldn't judge someone as a child, or an adult by there age, but the amount of innocence they contain.

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Kenor Martinez Vanbergen - street art - paris 20, rue des cendriers (juin 2013)

By Kenor Martinez Vanbergen in Paris rue des cendriers (juin


Snoopy loosing his balloon in Padua, Italy. Kenny Random is an Italian street artist who has a simple yet lasting approach to his art. For this new Snoopy artwork he used stencils and played off of the famed Banksy artwork of the little girl letting a bal

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Image result for lettering themes

Sant Antoni | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Sant Antoni

Barri de Sant Antoni , Barcelona art street Catalonia street and graffiti art inspiration

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Street Art Hands in Kiev--Ukrainian artists Fox and Alexander Grebenyuk painted this graffiti work for the Gogol Fest Event.