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Spring Flowers Flaxseed Hot/Cold Pack - $16 Can be heated or frozen - washable cover Can be scented with essential oils or unscented Check out this item in my Etsy shop

PMS Relief Aromatherapy Pillow with Drawstring Bag hot/cold pack Organic Flaxseed

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

hot/cold w aromatherapy | Herbal Compress Hot Cold Pack Pain Relief Back Neck Shoulder Flaxseed ...

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How (And Why) To Make The Best Flaxseed Pillows

This is one of my most requested gifts ever - and probably the most used! How (And Why) To Make The Best Flax Seed Pillows - An Oregon Cottage

Thumb Wrap Wrist Heat Wraps, Hot Cold Packs for Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, for robin. Thumb Heat Wrap is filled with flaxseed and rice which provide warm, moist heat when microwaved or cool relief when chilled in the freezer. Velcro secures the wrap around the wrist for a secure fit. Four sewn in sections insure even heat or cold distribution.

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