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Explorer scholar, steampunk / fantasy character inspirationGuibert du’Cormathie - Scholar in resident, Illance College. Expert in physiology and anatomy.

evawidermann: “ Characters for the Pathfinder’s Inner Sea Races © Paizo ”

Steamer Eight Ways to Make Steamed Vegetables Taste Amazing — Tips from Breathe Easier With These DIY Eucalyptus Shower Steamers

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m Half Elf Rogue Arcane Trickster Leather Sword midlvl Alchemist by Toramarusama on DeviantArt Potions Bombs

#84 Walkers & Whales & WWI, Oh My! An Interview with Keith Thompson, Illustrator For the Leviathan Trilogy | Beyond Victoriana

The Falconers reference - Colonials Havelock Oliphant Esq. by Keith Thompson, ~Keithwormwood on deviantART