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Boy who surprises.


Going on a date tomorrow night! question of the day: what's your idea of the perfect date, or what's your favorite date you've had!

Before I die, I want to...

Typing this makes me sad but. I don't think any guy would ever think of me as his dream girl.

yup this is true.

Makes you feel special

I get to hug the cutest man ever for the rest of my life. Sometimes his hugs are all I need


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7 Signs Your Relationship Worths KeepingPositiveMed | Stay Healthy. Live Happy

7 Signs Your Relationship Worths Keeping

7 Signs Your Relationship Worths Keeping, We can sometimes wonder if our relationship is worth saving. No relationship is perfect, but that does not mean you should end it because of inevitable ups and downs.

On our "last day" together I got a full 24 hours with him and we did so much fun stuff including bowling... just him and me. I told him I was terrible and then got a strike on my first try. ;)

One of our couple activities!

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Yep I gotta work on that charm.

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Being without the best thing that has happened to you is unbearable at times. I truthfully don't know where my strength is coming from. Hope, faith and undying love.

I don't think will happen anymore........

Wanting someone to hold you and tell you that it will be okay


The Teen Bucket List: Photo May never happen I fall in love with those short boys <<< true but It'd be nice

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Ladies,put on your best little red dress。

wonder if it works :) : Research found that men are willing to spend more on their date when a woman wears red.

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he's not perfect, but he's all I want