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Undyne's spear by Mitternacht Cosplay aka Mesmerizations, it's made out of acrylic tubes with Transpart and a blue EL wire inside to make it light up. Her boyfriend modeled and 3-d printed the grip for her. Nicely done!

Aeropostale Sweatpants

Aeropostale Sweatpants Boyfriend sweats, Straight Leg Sweat Pants, Soft, Fleece. Drawstring waistband. Coral color, white block letters. Half the letters have a soft, 3-D, fuzzy texture (some fringes have gotten longer) and the second half are a smooth print (some are intentionally distressed looking). Inner lining is fleece. In very good condition. Aeropostale Pants

BEAUTY & YOUTH U.A.: TH-S & Co. 5 Eyelet Sneakers, 3-D Chevron Discharge Print "Shwe Shwe"

Tawny Boyfriend Clutch

Serving up sleek, clean looks with function to stop you in your tracks. Push the lockable brushed nickel buckle to open the top-flap closure, revealing two compartments. The main compartment features a slide pocket and card organizer with room enough for keys, wallet, and even a small notebook. A smaller slide compartment holds a zip pocket for precious items. Each Signature Boyfriend Clutch is adorned with a colorful, one-of-a-kind friendship bracelet attaching the branded luggage tag to…

This is pretty cool, 3-D etching of photo's inside glass block. 3-D! Different shapes of blocks too- heart shape, diamond shape, flat rectangle, and more.