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Men and women are created differently by God. Things that matter a lot to women don’t matter as much to men and vice versa, for the most part. Theories about men’s behavior have evolved based

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Also the housemates here think I'm crazy coz occasionally in the morning I make 2 cups of tea and leave one downstairs coz it's for you and when I'm in like a get ready mode I forget about it


Tenalach The man threw him onto the bed, the giant American flag proudly displaying on the wall above him.

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I can’t get out of bed. These blankets have accepted me as one of their own, and if I leave them now, I might lose their trust. 😴 wearing 'Bikini Modern Cotton' from Calvin Klein

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It's nearly impossible to get Drew out o bed in the mornings. Sometimes Justi tries to pull her out. Drew grabs her and pulls her in bed and wraps her arms around the little girl while Justi shrieks and tries to get away.