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Jessi Cat for p_m cover shoot - ‘it’s purely mental T’

Feisty Comics About Mental Illness We Can All Relate To

Psychologists once maintained that emotions were purely mental expressions generated by the brain alone. We now know this is not true. Emotions have as much to do with the heart and body as they do with the brain. Of all your body’s organs, it is the heart, a growing number of scientists theorize, that plays perhaps the most important role in our emotional experience. What we experience as an emotion is the result of the brain, heart, and body acting in concert.

It's A Hate Crime: Chicago PD Finally Charge Four Attackers In Kidnapping And Torture of Special Needs Trump Supporter After 24 hours of the Chicago Chief of Police and the MSM telling us that four black Chicago teens kidnapping a mentally disabled white Trump supporter isnt a hate crime the Chicago PD has finally caved to pressure and upgraded the situation from kids messing around and just bad home training to a full on hate crime . Dont think for a second that the Chicago PD did this…

And sometimes the effort is purely mental...either way stick with it and enjoy your results #coaching #mindfulness #graduate90daysssplan #90daysssplan #leanin15 #thebodycoach #aftertheplan #fitlondoners by markjj315

Quote on mental health: The hardest part about recovery is when you’re not so sure you want to recover.

Neptune was discovered not through the senses but was the first planet to be discovered through the mind, through mathematical calculation. Neptune is a planet of abstraction in that it uses purely mental processes to achieve things. It is a planet of magic, whereby success is gained through unknown means. Later, these means may be understood, through science, etc. But at the present they seem like magic. Neptune is also associated with channelling and psychic ability.