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The joy of being an Aunt! Nothing closer to the love for your own babies than the love for your sister's babies.

Have kids? Nieces or nephews? Then you know both the challenges and joys that come with these little people. Today, let's focus on the joys.

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So true

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I'd have to say this is true. I love both my baby brother has went on & is waiting for us in Heaven. I miss him more with each passing day. We will all be together again someday.

Being an aunt was something I always looked forward to. I remember the first time Elijah called me Aunt Auby I wanted to cry I was so excited! I LOVE my nieces and nephew!

You know you're the best AUNT in the whole universe when your niece walks into the room and her face lights up when she sees you.

This is how I felt moving to florida. I knew it would be smart to wait longer so we would be more ready, but I know that would never happen. Something would always come up and we would never move because we would NEVER be ready! So glad we bit the bullet and went for it!!(da) #inspiration #quotes

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Im moving to another place when it was barley getting closer to my friends and know my parents are making me move i hope this will lead to a beautiful destination.

you can do it. even if you have problems, each day can get you closer to a better, happy life.