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Ah & We Could Have Had Bernie, NOT Donald

If you have done your research as a voter, and you're not a billionaire or about to be one, and you're still not voting for this guy, I don't really understand you. Bernie Sanders is for YOU!

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Why am I so passionate about Bernie Sanders?because we may never get another chance like this to save democracy in America.

(I've worked for CBS and they are cheap as %^$#! So I know they don't want to spend money, even on legal. CBS is no good.)

Bernie Sanders - FIGHTING AGAINST GMOs FOR YEARS! consumers have no way of knowing if they are eating genetically modified food, or feeding it to their family.

Obscene beyond belief

part of that was the transfer of individual houses to corporations and rich individuals. People paid fortunes for houses, that they then could not afford to keep, and the houses then became the property of the banks.

Danny DeVito endorses Bernie

Bernie Sanders, you are our only hope.

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