Mug shot bridal party morning cool!

OH MY GOD YES! Have your girls send this to your groom the morning of! LOVE IT

cute idea!

Lining the aisles with childhood pictures - a fun way to denote Bride and Groom sides.

start writing things in this starting from when you get engaged and give it to him the night before the wedding for late night reading that will leave him more excited than ever to wake up the next morning. Also a great keepsake for days down the road when things aren't so rosy. Read and remember.

Don't forget a "getting ready" photo of the flower girl!

Bridal Shower Game

First dance photo... must have this!

Cute Ring Shot Idea

custom sweats for getting ready morning of .. I think this was made for me haha.

Oh Shit Kits. Bachelorette party favors for hangovers, lol.

I would love to get a pic like this on my wedding day-very cool

Hilarious getting-ready songs.

Bachelorette party

Bridal party photograph cute!

Bachelorette game - Everyone attending should bring a pair of (BRAND NEW in the bride's size) panties that ‘represents’ them or would somehow remind the bride of them. For example, someone who loves cats can bring a Hello, Kitty! thong. Then, you lay out all the panties and the bride must guess which panties belong to each guest. If she’s wrong, she has to take a drink. If she’s right, the guest drinks. The bride gets to keep all the underwear as a souvenir.


Funny idea..


Bridal party and bride hangers!

The Keep It Hen Party / Wedding Day Survival by thevintagecream