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Retro hair with a pulled forward fringe, little rolls and easy peasy side pony - minimal backcombing required!

I did this to my hair today. I thought it turned out okay. Pros - QUICK and easy and cute. Cons - fell out of my bobby pins kind of and with my layers I had sticky outy hairs. I need to experiment but will be trying this again.

I couldn't do the braid all the way around myself but I got it halfway and then pulled the other side around and collected it in the back half up/half down. Turned out super cute! Definitely better on hair that is not freshly clean or add some texture with powder or hairspray first.

Nautical rockabilly headband. Red and white stripes. Retro hair tie. Pin up style hair wrap. 50s head band. Hippie hairband. 60s head scarf.. $14.50, via Etsy.

If I could get my girls to sit long enough upside down! French plait and bun. Put your head down and brush hair forward. Add product to root to start off plait more easily. French plait bottom up until you get to where you want the bun. Secure the plait with a hair tie. Gather all your hair into a high ponytail and check it in the mirror. Pin as a bun

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