Darla Hood

Harvey, James Stewart, 1950

Jack Nicholson rockin the white suit

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James Stewart and Cary Grant attend the premiere of Love Affair, 1939.

Hedy Lamarr

Laurel and Hardy ( with Spanky & Darla)

The loveable funnyman Don Knotts

Darla Hood (1931 - 1979) Played Darla in the "Our Gang" movies. She was born in Leedey, Oklahoma

John Voight with little Angelina Jolie at a party, 1978

Young Buster Keaton

Angela Lansbury: "I want to play real women, I want to play women who are not senile, who are not about to keel over, who are still able to conduct meaningful, useful lives at their age, and be part of society 100 per cent. I don’t want to play stereotypes. I want to play intelligent, smart ladies who happen to be 80 or 90 or whatever… They simply don’t write them. I could say that that’s a big mistake, certainly, in our society today..."


The Little Rascals - Darla

Harry Morgan

Carole Lombard & Clark Gable

Mickey Rooney ~ ca 1928

The Little Rascals (Our Gang) Eugene "Porky" http://www.wpsubscribers.com/?hop=topogiyo http://www.desktoplightingfast/Zorro123 http://www.laptoptrainingcollege.com

William Powell & Myrna Loy

Grace Kelly and daughter princess Caroline