The window to nowhere. OK!

Photo submitted by Jeff to Looks like a ghost is coming through the window. You can see through the figure - this one is pretty cool.

A guy and his girlfriend took a picture of his cat because it kept hissing at the patio doors one night for no reason - He put the photo onto his PC and noticed the image of a small girl in the window! - They don’t have any children, and the house is very old

"The ghost in the window"

Guest captured pic of ghost in window on 3rd floor..... Really creepy!

The staircase to nowhere at the Winchester House.

Image Search Results for paranormal photos of ghosts haunting a house


There appears to be a robed figure in the left window as well

Ghost photo window

Saratoga Springs row houses

Beautiful Hanstead House in Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, England.

Winchester Mystery Home - San Jose, CA

The Ponderosa Ranch House up at Lake Tahoe, CA.

Sir David Yule estate - Hanstead House in Bricket Wood, England

Row houses in Richmond

The colors are simply amazing!

Popes Tavern - Florence, AL

University of N. Alabama fountain - Florence, AL