pointe was a love/hate relationship...but some days i really miss it

love colored pointe shoes

For sure want to do with Lexie, need to figure out photo tinting so I can make her slippers red! thanks @Katie Hrubec Lewis

One day, I hope this will me and my little girl. I can only hope that my future daughter will love dance as much as her mommy


Love to Dance Ballet !!!!!!

Love it. My last 3 recitals I danced to The Used, My Chemical Romance, and Shinedown. This is me to a T.

Academy ballet dancers, 1969

pointe shoes :)

This is good for drawing

Pointe Shoes

Dance First! :)

Get Up and Dance! Best Dance Pics from Instagram

how elegant. the cutest is the little girls looking up to their role model

Arabesque in attitude <3 hope to get my leg that high someday


"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."


"The National Theatre in Belgrade - Ballet," 2001 — Dina Johnsen

Pointe shoe keychain favors

Its true do it when you are sad its helps you alot Without dance I wouldn't be able to walk out of my house