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The single most effective way to get rid of a sunburn

by Drpepper8412
Well this is my first instructable, and is only going to be short because its an extremly easy and effective method to removing a painful sunburn. Thi...
  • Emma Staisloff

    How to relieve and heal a sunburn: 1. Brew a pitcher of black tea (3 or 4 Earl Grey tea bags, let it get black). 2. Let it cool, till it's warm/lukewarm temp. (NOT hot) 3. Take a rag and dunk it into the tea and dab it on the sunburn (shower is a great place to apply). 4. DO NOT rub or rinse off the tea, let it soak into the skin. 5. Once it's dry, repeat as necessary.

  • Rhonda Walton

    Sun burn relief. Earl Grey Tea. I think you can use regular black tea but Earl Grey works better because it has bergamot in it and that is also a helpful essential oil.

  • Kristina Walsh

    using black tea to heal a sunburn quickly.... does it work? It's worth a shot...

  • Alana Wolfe

    Sunburn Remedy Brew 3 - 5 bags of black tea in a pitcher until water is black. Once cooled to warm/room temp dunk a rag into the tea & dab it onto the sunburn. DO NOT WIPE IT OFF! Leave it on to be absorbed in your skin. Once dry, reapply as necessary but never wash it off. Do this before bed to give it time to work its magic. In the morning the sunburn should subsided or all gone, but remember: the sooner you can apply the tea after you get the burn, the quicker and more effective it will be.

  • Noël Crave

    Sunburn relief with black tea.

  • Mandi Phelps

    The single most effective way to get rid of a sunburn.. Better pin this to remember it! Very strong black tea

  • Karen Teague

    sunburn "cure". Steep a large amount of black tea, let the water cool to warm, dip a cloth in the tea water and bathe your sunburn, leave the tea on your skin, do as many times as you wish, don't dry the tea off. put on old pj's n go to bed. Should be better the next am.

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sunburn remedy--combine black tea bags and warm water in a picture. let the water cool, then use a rag to put the tea on your skin. don't wash it off, and apply as many times as you want (more is better). wash it off in the morning. you can also apply the wet tea bags directly to your skin.

The single most effective way to get rid of a sunburn.. Better pin this to remember it!

Frozen aloe vera bars for sunburns. Must remember for summer time. Genius!!

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For sunburns; and considering I just got one today, this will definitely come in handy.

Relief for Lobster-Skin! DIY Sunburn Spray made with aloe vera, water, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Most effective way to get rid of sunburns....You will need a total of five things. 1)A bathtub to do this in (preferably ceramic, so it wont stain) 2)A pitcher 3)A rag that you dont mind getting stained 4)Water 5)Three bags of black tea (I use Earl Grey) *HINT: the stronger the brew the better*