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XD ‪ is garbage. Free yourselves from the indoctrination. ‪ because I choose reason & logic ~PinDiv

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Mom always said: Life is like a roll of toilet paper.the closer you get to the end the faster it goes!

Basically my theory for college and science. True story but others besides science/medicine apply :)

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Sometimes this is how I feels

i should be asleep, but there are a lot of things i should be. all the time.

Mario, You Bastard!

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what the heck i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you read it?

At first when i saw this i thought it was sign language, but then i saw the letters. It says, " If you can read this you are awesome." Comment and like if you can see it too.

No lies in relationships ever.

Truth always prevails. Trust few people. Chose your friends wisely. Also remember what I have always told you: When you lie you become the Slave to the lie. When you tell the truth you are the Master.

search on google 'hgfjty' and this is what you'll find

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