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    I often tell people that "that's my biggest pet peeve" when in reality, I don't think I have one that's the "biggest." I have so many, some stronger than others, that it's hard to keep track of the...
    November 30, 2013


    • Jessica Sewell

      I am not a bright and early morning person. I need a few minutes to wake up before diving into conversation!

    • Angie Todd-Nestel

      How To Deal With Morning People…this is how my kids are. I let my husband deal or not deal with it. I am a morning person.

    • Ashley Correia

      My husband hates when I wake up and start trying to have a sister too! Can't help I'm a morning person...I mean wit about those people who try to hold conversations really late at night? Huh....LOL

    • Ruby De Santiago

      Haha sorry to all my friends that i wake up at 8am on the weekends when my life is crashing and burning @Jennifer Brothers

    • Jill Caywood

      My husband gets this look when he tries to talk to me in the morning. I make eye contact, he says 'sorry, forgot you aren't a morning person' and backs away slowly :)

    • The Grey Mafia

      My phone rang at 5:30 am this morning. Find Funny things to Pin here:

    • Michelle Carty

      My life. Every day. What is WRONG with morning people?

    • Patrice Fleming Wyatt

      Seriously funny stuff...look at this kid's face!

    • Hannah Reeves

      SO TRUE.. lol im so not a morning person

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