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Azumi 2: Death or Love


Ju-On 2

Azumi 2

Back To The Future Part 2


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Painted Skin 2

The Raid 2

Death Note

The Hobbit 2 Desolation of Smaug Movie

DEATH NOTE (2006) Weary Shinigami the Death dropped a notebook in the human world where a weary genius picked it up. “The human whose name is written in this note shall die” it said… It was the notebook of death that determined people’s death. Light Yagami, an extremely bright elite university student was the one to possess this ultimate tool that should remain only in the hands of God. Light decides to create an ideal world and begins to hold the scales to judge the criminals in his discret...

Kick-Ass_2 - poster-Hit-Girl.

Great Kung fu movie - IP Man 2

DEATH NOTE: The Last Name (2006) The story begins on the heels of the first movie (Death Note) as Light Yagami joins the investigation team in pursuit of the serial killer known as "Kira." While L still strongly suspects that Light is "Kira," Light tries to uncover L's real name so he can kill him with his Death Note. Confusingly enough, a new rash of murders all around the world are taking place, with a "Second Kira" claiming responsibility.

Eagle Shadow Fist (Region 2) (Import) (DVD) Cover Art. Jackie is so young in this one :)

Death note L/Kenichi Matsuyama

The Craft

Death note L/Kenichi Matsuyama

The Graduate, 1967 (dir. Mike Nichols). #hoffman #movie #film

The Exorcist, 1973 Movie Poster