Let's meet for coffee...

Johnny #Cash I was laughing AT you Mr. 'My names johnny cash'....not with you. You're so beneath me, it's like watching a monkey play with bubble wrap.

May I never forget. On my best day, that I still need God as desperately as I did on my worst day.

passion, adventure, danger.

I want to explore with you and visit old bookstores and cute little thrift stores and drink smoothies at neat cafés and listen to good music and tell each other stories and listen to your voice

Going to make sure I do all this when I see him <3

I often imagine that your mind wanders through the same forest as mine. It's a love of the mind.

so beautiful


Poetic truth

∆ ∆

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent. We couldn't agree more! #Coffee #Quotes


enthusiasm quote

exactly I am mine I'm not someones possession, trophy I don't belong to no one but myself ..perfect quote

#INFJ #Introvert I'd rather write about this world, play music all day, wander around bookstores, watch humans, bt not be one of them,

Took 31 years to find this!!! I love you @Brandon Cagle thank you for allowing me to be me and you love me for it!! I love you the same!!