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I have just been forced to give up my true love, my bed. I need coffee to deal with my emotions...:)



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Strange things happen when people talk to me before Ive had coffee. Sorry about that.

Oh, so true...


Fresh-ground coffee...with an aroma of cinnamon...steaming in a mug...with chocolate-covered Oreos?? Day made. | #coffee

SO true!!

just one cup. the most important cup of the day!!!! love that smell!!!!

Where would I be without Coffee?? In Bed. :: Coffee Lovers:: Coffee Quotes:: Coffee is my life:: Addicted to Coffee

. ~~I actually DO drink my coffee out of a clear mug. I just never realized the true reason why.~~GG

drink coffee

Coffee fuels your body, one cup at a time

I would love this enlarged, printed on burlap, and framed to hang above my future coffee bar in my dream home. :)

Hell hath no fury like a woman denied her coffee..

We will just go ahead and apologize in advance. We can't be held responsible for pre-coffee antics.Check out our site for Grounds & Hounds mugs to add to your real mug collection!

If you can't say anything nice, you obviously haven't had your coffee yet.